To ENTER a programme, blog or publication, please complete the form below.

If you have any questions relating to your entry or problems completing the form, please call Vicki Watson on 01453 872731.

Before you submit your entry, please take a look at the Criteria and Categories.

Closing date for entries is Friday 27th June 2014.


There is no charge to enter Journalist, Student Journalist or Blogger awards.

For all other entries there is a charge of £165 plus VAT. If you are a charity or an individual entrant please contact Keystone on 01453 872731 to discuss a possible reduction in entry fee.

Supporting material

We will also require the following supporting material:-

  • TV/Radio Programme or on-line video – eight DVD/CD copies of your entry.
  • Details of any follow up or linked content such as a supporting website, a follow up phone-in etc.
  • For soaps or continuing series, a brief summary of the back story to individual storylines
  • For drama where one episode is being entered from a series, a synopsis of the other episodes.
  • For journalist or student journalist, either eight DVD/CD copies (if broadcast journalist) or pdf copies of published articles. Please ensure the copies make clear which publication these appeared in and the date of publication
  • For Publication award, either a pdf copy of relevant articles within the publication or for online publications, a link to the relevant pages

Please send DVDs and CDs to Keystone, Chavenage, Tetbury GL8 8XR.

Support material may be emailed as electronic versions.

Details of where to send your entry will also be confirmed in your automated email response once you have completed this entry page.

The short-list will be announced in mid September. The award ceremony will be held at the BFI on 17th November 2014. There is no charge for shortlisted entries and their guests to attend the awards.

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Invoicing (this does not apply to Journalist, Student Journalist or Blogger entries)

You or your organisation will be sent a VAT invoice for the entry fee on receipt of your entry. The income generated goes towards the running of the Mind Media Awards and we appreciate prompt payment.

To assist our invoicing, please give a purchase order number if this is required by your organisation.
BBC entries should have a valid purchase order number.

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